Gimme Your Stuff

July 23, 2006 at 4:30 pm (Uncategorized)

There’s a site called Gimme Your Stuff (dedicated to cross-cultural swaps) and of course I couldn’t resist. So, I’m willing to swap Canadian stuff (what is Canadian stuff?! Beer?) for things like:

*craft/knitting books, magazines and patterns from other countries, particularly Japan

*hard to find yarn for knitting

*interesting stationary

*mix cds

    I can offer:

    *Things flavored with maple syrup

    *mix cds




    *MacKintosh Toffee/Coffee Crisp/Cadbury chocolate

    *or try suggesting something you’d like….

      For now I’ll have to restrict myself to one or two trades at a time- leave a comment to get in touch!



      1. leah said,

        hi! i’d love to swap with you from texas. i love canadian indie music ie: broken social scene. email or blog have a great day!

      2. Roo said,

        Hello! thank you comment my blog!
        i want talk about swap detail.
        so please email me!!

      3. Roo said,

      4. Indigo said,

        Hi Leah and Roo, I’ve sent you some messages about swaps! Talk to you soon!

      5. Debbie said,

        Hello, I’m Debbie from Malaysia. I’m new to swapping but I’m not listed yet. I’d love to swap stuffs with you. Please visit my blog and leave a message there. You can also email me at I’ll get back to you soon, I promise! =)

      6. luppy said,

        Hi hi…

        I just joined the swap-team and would love to swap with you. I’m from Singapore and my blog is at

        Hope to hear from you soon!


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